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A partial client listing includes such well-known and respected companies as:

Stop & Shop Supermarkets
Supervalu/Sweetlife Foods, Inc.
Heublein Inc./United Distillers and Vintners, Inc.
Cellu Tissue Company
John Frieda Professional Hair Care
Canandaigua Wine Company
Potlatch Paper Corporation
Dickinsons Brand Witch Hazel

The following clients are available as references:

Mr. Jeff Siegal, Logistics Manager
John Frieda Professional Hair Care
phone - 203-762-1233
Mr. Tom Schultz, President
Dickinson Brands
phone - 860-267-4444
Ms. Mary Vickers, Logistics Manager
Potlatch Corp.
phone - 870-227-2662
Mr. Steve Creed, Director of Logistics
phone - 860-292-4602